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Related post: Date: Sat, russian bride photos 16 Jul 2005 00:57:54 EDT From: Subject: Rhett's Butler (celebrity)NOTE: This story is fiction, based upon the fictional characters created by Margaret russian sex nudist Mitchell for her legendary novel, "Gone With The Wind". For those guys who ever thought about russian gay scammers list the suave, handsome, dashing Rhett Butler russian beastiality bieng "topped" by another male, I think you will enjoy the following little erotic tale....(!!) (Atlanta, GA, late1860's) The big Atlanta mansion was empty, save for Rhett Butler, and his valet, Pork. His fiery wife Scarlett was away for a few weeks, visiting Tara, with russian lesbian mpeg Mammy traveling withher. The huge, overly-elaborate, gaslit kiddy sex top russian residence was quiet on this warm Atlanta evening, and free russian lollitas Rhett sat in his elaborate study, russian naked 12yo porn russian loitas drunk as a skunk, spawled spread-legged in an overstuffed armchair, still puffing on what was left of a very soggy, aromatic cigar. Responding to a russian porn free pics knock on the door, russian drunk pics Rhett looked up to see Pork, his valet, standing there in his crisp blackuniform. "Excuse me, Mr. Rhett," Pork spoke, russian girl x as always, with the utmost of respect for "Mr. Rhett", " Would you like me to bring in some hot coffee? Appears you sure could use some right now." Rhett let loose with a loud, drunken laugh that startled the dignified black valet, and replied, "Hell no, Pork, " he barely russian girl laughed loudly. "Why don't you just come in and sit down....have a drink with me!" littel russian russian sex thumbs Pork was pleased as hell to be taking a drink with Mr. Rhett, and beamed broadly as Rhett poured the whiskey from a crystal decanter. So proud was Pork to be in Mr. Rhett's company, tippling expensive "white folk's whiskey", that he soon lost count of just how many drinks free russian fuck girls he had. The both men were totally and completely "high-flown", and were guffawing and laughing as though they were lifelongfriends. So drunk was Pork that he felt not the least bit russian tiny sites repulsed or offended when Rhett suddenly blurted out with no warning : xxx sweet russian girls " Pork, my good man, I heard long ago that black men are extremely well-endowed. Why don't you open up your trousers and show russian getting fucked me if what I heard is true?" tgp russian porno In his "high-flown" condition, Pork responded with no hesitation. 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"Ohhhhhyessss...oh, sweet Jesus, real russian thumbs Mr. Rhett," Pork groaned, as Rhett's strong, russian hardcore girls thick fist slowly pumped the pounding length of his magnificenterection. By this time, lube was oozing from the angry-looking head of Pork's erection, and Rhett was licking his lips in lusting anticipation of what was to come. "Bet no other man has done this for you before, my good man, " Rhett muttered, and Pork felt his heartbeat quicken as Rhett's tongue started sliding up and down the rigid length of his russian dickhead black shaft. "GREAT JEHOSEPHAT...SWEET LORD.......OOOOHH, LOOORRD...." Pork closed his eyes and felt a thousand jolts of ecstacy course through his body as Rhett's mouth opened wide and wrapped itself around his poundingtrouser-snake. Another jolt coursed through Pork's churning testicles as Rhett reached around to grab Pork's meaty, firm buttocks through his tight-fitting black trousers. Pork instinctively responded by grabbing Single russian ladies Rhett's head with his white-gloved hands and started easing it back and forth, thrusting his blonde single russian women hips inward to force-feed even more of his massive African erection to his handsome, masculine employer. nude girl russian 11 nude russian girl hacked password sex russian thumbs russian For too long now, Rhett had denied russian home sex his long-hidden desire for other men, particulary black men. For too long now Rhett had to put on a show for the russian nudist nude world, proving to free russian porn galleries them he was a relentless pursuer of highly-painted ladies of theevening. The hell with that, christian russian women Rhett thought...THIS is the night the futurebegins!!" Meanwhile, Pork was in ecstacy he never before thought possible, and russian hardcore c p he loved the highly-stimulating feel of Mr. Rhett's mustache tickling his blood-engorgedshaft. Without a warning, Pork felt his overloaded testicles churn russian masterbation pics and he groaned "OHHYESSSS...MISTER RHETT.......GONNA SHOOT......GONNA SPERM YOUR MOUTH...YESS...OH, JESUS!!!!!!!" Rhett's powerful fingers dug deeper into Pork's trouser-covered rump and sucked even harder, russian galery porn the hot-breathed suction making Pork almost woozy with sexualpleasure. Like a fire hose Pork's black trouser-monster exploded in Rhett's mouth, and Rhett gulped greedily, swallowing every thick, tangy-tasting drop of the towering russian porn net black man's hot sperm. God, how russian slava watch long he had waited for this!! Spurt after spurt russian sam stripper of former slave's sperm flooded Rhett's mouth, sliding smoothly down his parched throat, Rhett moaning in deep pleasure all the while. Some of Pork's sperm dribbled down Rhett's manly chin and stained his the front of his white silkshirt. Rhett's own erection, still imprisoned in his suit trousers, finally let loose with volleys nude russian gallery post of sperm, soaking his union suit and the crotch of his expensive trousers. Swallowing the last sticky drops of sperm, he yanked dating russian lady Pork by the tails of his jacket, pulling him down on the arm of his overstuffed chair. For a while, the two men said nothing, their hard, deep breathing evidence of the great energy that had been exerted between the handsome millionaire russian porn magazine white man and his muscular black valet. Rhett's hand played with Pork's sticky, sweaty shaft for some moments, and, it wasn't long before it was once again hard as arock. Pork moaned and muttered all russian pantyhose girls the while, totally lost in a new world of manly, eroticbliss. Then, the action started up again, as Rhett stood up and unfastened his suspenders from the trouser-buttons at the front of his gray suit trousers, allowing them to fall to his black shoes, russian masterbation photo revealing his tight union suit and his socks held up by garters. Rhett then reached around and unbuttoned russian neked the drop seat of his union russian nude bondage photo suit, and Pork exclaimed "OH, JESUS, YES!!" when Rhett's buttocks were revealed; twin, firm, round orbs of hairy, masculine flesh. That was when an old memory returned to Pork, and he recalled clearly one night before the War broke out, of seeing Tara's foreman, Big Sam, bent over a hay bale in the far corner of russian girls sex picture the barn, his huge, broad, russian boys mp3 round rump getting "rutted" by one of the muscular field hands. russian boys portal Guided by that memory, Pork dropped to his knees and his white-gloved fingers pulled Rhett's hairy, firm buttocks apart, exposing his russian milf amelia tight, puckered hole, nearly obscured by thick, russian extreme anal porn curly black hairs. nude russian blondes "GOD DAMN!!" russian celeberties Rhett bellowed, as nudes russian girls photo he felt Pork's big yuong russian pink tongue invade his most privatearea. "GOD DAMN, PORK...YESSSS...EAT OUT THAT HAIRY HOLE!!" Pork's cock was leaking lube like boys naked boys russian a faucet Hot sexy russian nurses as he hungrily ate out get russian wife Mr. Rhett's meaty, sweaty, furry backside. Then, without a word, yong russian angels porn he stood up and Rhett felt a jolt combined of both pain and ecstacy as the slick head of Pork's black shaft stretched his virgin sphincter. Inch by inch, more and more angry kid russian roulette of Pork's erection eased deeper and deeper russian girls gym between Rhett russian girl exposed Buter's hairy buttocks, and Rhett hissed loudly from russian family incest behind tightly clenched teeth as Pork's pounding shaft invaded his tight-as-hell hole. russian escorts ads russian non nude Then Pork began fucking Rhett's proud white rump and fucking it with wild, drunken abandon, pummeling the handsome white man's firm backside with all the vengance of russian porno xxx Sherman marching through Georgia years earlier. russian boy twinks Pork reached around and russian fucking boys his loltas russian sexe white-gloved hand freed Rhett's huge, throbbing russian nudist girls erection from his sweaty union suit and started pumping it madly as russian flag being used Rhett's big hands planted themselves firmly on his desk top, bracing himself for a rough, hard fuck from a very stimulated and well-endowed blackman. 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Rhett felt as though his rump was russian nude tgp bieng flooded russian bitches fucking with thick, sticky honey as Pork's cock shot spurt after creamy spurt of black valet's sperm deep within his violatedrectum. "OOHHHH, CHRIST.......YESS.......YESS.......OOHHHHH...GODDAMN!!AAAUGHHH!!!" Rhett Butler porn of russian snarled, as his own cock let loose, spraying long, arcing jets russianarmy of his manly seed all over his paper-strewn desktop and Pork's white-gloved russian gangster porn hand. When adult russian dating his aching testicles were finally empty, Pork collapsed russian lollitas tgp on Rhett's broad, heaving back, feeling his spent erection start to soften in the humbled white man's proud backside. Feeling bolder, Pork leaned foward, his hot breath on Rhett's thick neck, his white teeth nibbling at Rhett'searlobe. "Mr. Rhett," snuff russian he whispered in the peeing russian girls gaslit room where a life-sized painting of Scarlett sneered proudly from an russian porn megaupload elaborate gilt frame, russian adult sex movies "Do you think we could do this again sometime?" Rhett chuckled russian sex tourism a sly chuckle. His well-endowned valet had no idea at just how soon they would be again rutting like two dogs in heat! russian nude beach photos THE END! Hope you guys enjoyed! Comments free russian mpeg and feedback are more than welcome!
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